Hours of Operation

Yes, we operate 7 days a week! Rats don't take days off.

MONDAY 7am - 8pm
TUESDAY 7am - 8pm
WEDNESDAY 7am - 8pm
THURSDAY 7am - 8pm
FRIDAY 7am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 7pm
SUNDAY 10am - 6pm
No one wants to experience a day with a dead animal on their property. However, as wild animals become more accustomed to life in the urban jungle, this will likely happen to most of us. Dead animal removal can be a huge mess if it is not done by a professional. Moreover, it can encourage the spread of zoonotic diseases. In today's age, where most viruses are coming from wild animals, it pays to have the support of a company that you can trust. This is why we are here for you. With years of expertise, a complete set of equipment, and regular training, we will remove the carcass, sanitize your place, and disinfect it. We will also use products that can neutralize the odor. We only use safe treatments that will not expose the environment, materials, animals, and humans to further damages. We will make sure that you can carry on with your regular life, and we will not leave any mess behind. Once we have undertaken all the essential steps, we can also remediate any damages done by the dead animal. Rest assured that you will not find a single clue to your past problem once we are done with our service.